I Scream for Anti-Histamines

Ok, so I KNOW I already posted today, but we all know it was a horrible, boring post that I was a little ashamed to put my name to but did anyway because lord knows my blogging has been slacking and I decided it was better to post something bordering on crap than nothing at all.


But the reason why I’m posting AGAIN is that two exciting things happened to me in the last 15 minutes.

1. I bought allergy medicine. WITH A COUPON. (Bet you thought I was stopping at “medicine.” That would have been a letdown, amiright?) Aaaand right about now you are thinking that coupons are not exactly exciting. Well, guess what. Your opinions are wrong. How awkward for you.

Anyway, I always keep coupons for things I buy (because they are the same thing as MONEY, people), but I remember to actually bring/use them about 2% of the time. So when I do? MAJOR win for my life. He-llo three dollars off!

2. I bought ice cream from the man who is always parked outside of my office. (Edit: From the man who is always parked in the ice cream truck outside my office. Sorry for the scare.)

This is something I want to do literally every day. But I never carry cash, so usually I just slump forlornly away, trying to console myself with the fact that I saved calories. Well, guess what. Eating ice cream on a hot day is way better than NOT eating ice cream on a hot day. Because it tastes like SUMMER, guys.

Full disclosure: I may or may not have ran back to Duane Reade after buying my allergy medicine (WITH A COUPON) to use the ATM so I would have the cash I used to buy the ice cream. Just saying. Worth it.

So, basically, life is looking up. Just thought you’d want to know.

4 thoughts on “I Scream for Anti-Histamines

  1. Hooray for ice cream! I did pretty much the same thing with Baskin Robbins rainbow sherbet the other day. The Dunkin’ that I visit before work is also a Baskin Robbins, and, every morning, I caught myself eyeing the rainbow sherbet. But who the hell gets sherbet at 9 AM? So, one afternoon, I decided to finally go fulfill my sherbet fantasy. And it was just wonderful.

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