Practice Makes Perfect

I realized on the subway today that I plan out a lot of conversations in my head.

Like, even if it’s a chat I know I will probably never really have, I’ll still mentally rehearse the exact thing I would like to say over and over again when I have a lot of time to think (AKA, my morning and evening commutes).

In fact, there are times when I can’t even sleep because I can’t stop “practicing.” I will literally have to get out of bed and write it out letter-style just to get my brain off of loop.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I tend to stammer and stutter when I get nervous (I try to say too many things at once) and just want my thoughts as organized as possible. But there are times when a girl needs to take a step back and acknowledge that she is, in fact, just talking to herself.


7 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. I’m for sure not judging you on this one lol you know I love to talk to myself… in the 3rd person πŸ™‚

  2. I literally do this all the time. And it’s like, I practiced this much and now I’m going to stutter it out as if it’s unrehearsed? Thanks, brain. Sometimes you really are a gem.

  3. Absolutely! If I don’t plan out what I want to say before important conversations, things like, “Want to grunch?” (the mutant hybrid of grab+lunch) tend to make an appearance. Glad its not just me.

  4. I recommend you read the Wall Street Journal on your commutes. But maybe that’s just me.

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