The Great Exp-hair-iment

So you guys know how I like scientific experiments. Well, I’ve decided to embark on another one.

I’m going to try to add three things that are good for me to my life. Namely:

1. Only heat-styling my hair once a week, tops.

2. Eating a maximum of one sugary/dessert-y thing a day.

3. Cutting back on caffeine. (I was going to try to cut it out all together, but let’s face it; it’s me.)

So far things are going pretty well. But of course, the hair thing is causing some issues. Because surprise, surprise, not heat styling my hair results in hair that is less than lovely a lot of the time. Solution? The up-do.

(Sorry for the shoddy quality. I had to snap this quickly on my phone before anyone realized what I was doing…awk.)

But anyway, one side effect of my experiment will have to be getting more creative with my hair. Or else, you know, just look like the above more often.

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