Blah blah blah (not the song)

Ok, I’ve decided to add two more things to the “things I am doing that are good for me” list. (Needs a better name…)

1. Eat at least three cups of fruits and/or vegetables every day. (Ate a salad today, so that’s at least two right there.)

2. Stop biting my nails.

Remember I started that up again? Well, it’s annoying. And I’m going to stop. For realz. Especially since a lot more people stop, grab my hand, and stare at it these days.

In other news, the parents are coming to town on Thursday. And so will begin a crazy few days of non-stop venue appointments, social engagements, and other familial hijinks.

Don’t worry, I might disappear for a few days (which is oh-so-rare lately…not), but I’m sure I’ll be back (with photos!) to tell you allllll about it.