My Body’s Rebellion

So you know what I (unsurprisingly) hate? Oversleeping.

Especially when it’s the ONE DAY A WEEK that I try to get to my office early because they let me leave a little earlier to get to my meeting on time.

Even worse? When I discover the REASON why I overslept is because I forgot to turn my phone (also my alarm clock) ringer from vibrate to ringer. Even though I specifically remember thinking to myself that I should do that when I SET the alarm.

Meaning I’m an idiot. (Or a very clever self-saboteur….)

Pros: Got over an hour of extra sleep.

Cons: Everything else.

Actually, that pro doesn’t even count because I am STILL tired. When will my body learn to just ADAPT to the limited amount of sleep I allow it? This is why I know evolution is wrong. (If someone starts an intelligent design debate in my comments section, I will literally tear them limb from limb. I’m too tired for that crap. Besides, we all know science is on my side.)

Guess this is one of those downsides to living alone. Good thing I have that whole “husband” thing in the works!

The name of the game is, how long can I go without washing my hair! …JK, it will happen tonight. Cool your jets, hygiene police.


3 thoughts on “My Body’s Rebellion

  1. Waking up on time is a mattress of practice and/or obsessiveness. I went two years without oversleeping once. Power outages don’t count cause those aren’t my fault. But I wake up at 423 every morning. I check, recheck n usually check once more to make sure my alarm is set, volume audible, etc. Ill even set my phone as a backup 2 min later. But that’s just me, I hate being late n refuse to let it happen

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