Phone It In

Woowoo! This little ol’ blog hit over 25,000 views yesterday, thanks to all of you. You guys rock! (AND roll!)

In other NEW things in my life, I got a NEW phone! Yayayayayayayay!

My old one had this super-duper fun habit of shutting itself off from time to time, like when I didn’t set it down on a bed of lamb’s wool or when I, you know, tried to send a text message. Sometimes it would shut itself off as I was turning it on. It was a regular barrel of laughs.


But I don’t even care because right now it is languishing in its final hours. I’m taking both phones to Verizon at lunch to have the new one activated and I. Can’t. Wait.

I have the internet on my new phone, guys. I will finally have something to contribute when all of my friends are whipping out their Blackberries and iPhones. (Well, if not “contribute,” then at least not look ridiculous pretending to check my EnV2 for texts. I’ll Google something!)

It’s a new era, folks. And I’m embracing it.

2 thoughts on “Phone It In

  1. Ooh, niiiiice! 🙂 Congrats on April 10th, 2011! That’s awesome, and so is your venue! 🙂

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