That bites.

So remember that time I went camping with The Fiance’s family last year? Well, since no one was eaten by a bear, we decided to go again!

And believe it or not, but this venture was actually more successful (from my viewpoint). Not only did we go to an even better campground, but I have found a way to conquer mosquitoes.


Thanks to this:

(I know, I look good…not.)

I swear the Off company is not paying be (although I’ll take a check any time now), but if you have to spend any time outdoors and you typically get eaten alive, buy this. Stat. I mean it, go!

I got ONE bite the whole weekend. It’s a miracle. A camping miracle!

It’s inventions like this that make me wonder, why one earth did it take so long to think of this? You clip it on and go. Take that, West Nile Virus.

4 thoughts on “That bites.

  1. I’m sure wearing a 6 mill wet suit slowed the buggers down too. Or maybe you have something else on I am misinterpreting.

  2. …Should I tell her that everyone else had zero bug bites? Idk if I should tell her she was the only one to get bit; at all.

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