Dinner with the “in-laws”

Tonight I’m having dinner with The Fiance’s “other mom.”

She’s actually a woman he used to work with, but for whatever reason, he made some incredible impression on her and she just thinks he’s the bee’s knees. (She actually introduces him (to total strangers, mind you) as her “son.” Without any explanation that they’re not actually related. (Don’t worry; it’s really quite sweet, not weird. Her daughter also calls him her brother.)

I’ve met her once before, and it was really a nerve-wracking experience. She is quite protective of him, and she did not care for his last girlfriend. (I think she wanted him to marry her daughter. But she understood it wouldn’t work out for religious reasons…haha) Fortunately, the second she saw me she yelled, “I love her for you!” (And if you’ve ever met an Italian woman from Long Island, you know I’m not exaggerating when I say she yelled it.)

So, THAT was a relief. I also know for a fact that she has watched our proposal video multiple times and cried. Each time. Because she was so happy for us.

So with all that going for me, why am I still the tiniest bit nervous about dinner? Like, I planned my outfit last night. And I’m still wondering if I should have dressed up more. Ughhh…I just want to be liked. And approved of.


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