Gray Day

Oh…hey. So, remember back when I was a shining example of regular blogging? Someone other bloggers could look up to as a peer AND mentor?

Me neither. But I did used to be better. Sorry.

The thing is, today was not one of my best.

It started out ok, as bad days sometimes do. I woke up on time, got ready, etc. etc. It was drizzling, which my hair loooved, naturally, but I got over it.

But then…I don’t know. Work was weird. Everyone was kind of “stabby,” as my brilliant coworker Susan put it.

Then I started getting texts from everyone I know that all of the LIRR trains had stopped running.

I think some of you might have read too fast to appreciate the gravity of that last line, so I’ll repeat: ALL of the LIRR trains had stopped RUNNING.

The LI stands for Long Island, where I live. I need the LIRR to get to where I live. I NEED THE LIRR TO LIVE.

Now, let me preface by saying it all worked out (well, thus far…I’m writing this on the train), but that doesn’t mean I don’t think I’ve earned a grown-up drink today.   

At least I blogged though, right guys?