Lifestyles of the not-so-rich and famous

Ok, before I begin this post, let me preface by saying that I know it’s totally going to come across as a whiny oh-my-god-the-glamorous-life-is-such-a-trial-*hair-flip-pucker-pout-wink-at-the-camera* kind of problem, but it has to be said that there is really nothing like talking to a celebrity to make you second guess every life decision you have ever made.

There it is. Feel free to fake sobs and play tiny finger violins in my honor, but seriously. By the time you’re on your second question, you’re pretty sure you’ve been breathing incorrectly most of your life.

On a related note, I got a pretty dope (yup) assignment at work last week. They wanted me to attend the press conference and red carpet premiere of The Romantics, starring Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Adam Brody, Elijah Wood, and Anna Paquin, among others. This would involve meeting and interviewing the above mentioned stars.

Ok, initial reaction: Um, awesome.

Secondary reaction: Ah aah AAAAAHHHH. (That’s panic, not a building sneeze.)

Remember how I have to practice everything I say or I stammer and just spout nonsense? There’s only so much of that you can do when you have someone’s attention for approximately 30 seconds.

And you know, I honestly wasn’t nervous because they’re famous. I get heart flutters anytime I have to perform on the spot. (And when you’ve been repeatedly reminded that your boss is watching you to see how you do, you and “the spot” are BFFs.)

So, of course none of you care about my inner turmoil nearly so much as you care about how it went. (It’s ok; it’s the same reason People doesn’t follow me to Starbucks.)

Well…I think I did ok. I spoke up at the press conference. Got this picture for my friend James:


That would be Josh (yup) and Galt Neiderhoffer, the writer/director.

And the red carpet thing was INTENSE, but I interviewed almost everyone I was supposed to. My least favorite part was some nasty freelance reporter from some celebrity gossip show telling me I “needed” to move and then loudly asking her camera man, “Who is she?”

Well, strictly speaking, no one. Biotch.

But the highlight? When I made eye contact with Josh Duhamel at the premiere and he not only recognized me from the press juncket, but actually looked pleased to see me and waved. (Take that, snaggled-toothed other reporter. I’m the girl Josh Duhamel is happy to see. Besides, you know, Fergie.)

I’m pretty sure my elation at not being looked at like so much scum under someone’s shoe was wildly apparent when I grinned and waved back at him, but like I said, a little reassurance at this point was more than welcome. And then when he actually talked to me like a human for a good 60 seconds? Well, that wasn’t bad on the ego either.

Whoops, started slipping into inner turmoil again. Allow me to regain your attention with some more pictures of celebrities:





Yeah, ok, enough whining. Today was pretty cool.


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