Funny People

So, there’s always this sort of awkward lull after I write a post about something exciting (CELEBRITIES!!!) and try to quietly transition back into my regular life (I cooked something…and then ate it…and…oh God.).

But when I’m feeling disheartened about my less than thrilling day-to-day, I just try to remind myself that this is all just one big writing exercise and it’s better to write something (even if it’s a little dull) than nothing at all (even if we all know you prefer Josh Duhamel posts).

Speaking of blogging about blogging, I’ve noticed a funny trend among my friends (almost rhyme). More and more of them have started telling me how excited they are when they get mentioned in a post. My friend James even said he really only checks in to see if he has been mentioned (don’t worry, he’s more supportive of my writing career than that would imply…again, especially if it involves Josh Duhamel).

I find this amusing because, well, the prerequisites for getting mentioned in the blog by name are not exactly what you would call…stringent. I just have to like you (or really NOT like you) and have been with you when something humorous or of note occurred.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m flattered people are flattered. And I’m going to continue to incorporate my friends and family anecdotally or in quotes because, well, they’re hilarious (actually, getting quoted in an Out Of Context post IS an honor. Those posts mean I took the time to document what you said in my brain or phone so I could post it later. It means you, sir or madam, are grade-A entertaining).

That being said, don’t be too distraught if you haven’t been quoted. After all, it is still just me back here.


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