Can I borrow a uniform?

I never know what to wear to sporting events.

I mean, it doesn’t seem that complicated, right? But I always overthink it. Plus, most of my clothing is designed to fit into at least two of the three biggest aspects of my life: meetings, work, and general hanging out. Odds are, if I can wear it on a Sunday morning, it will stick out in a stadium. And if it’s a weekday game? You can bet I’m coming straight from the office.

Plus, I’m not really a jersey person. And the only team-centric hat I own is an Iowa Hawkeyes cap, which is really only applicable in so many scenarios.

The REAL problem, though? Pants and shoes. I just don’t own that many pants that fit me. All of my dress pants are too big, and I have two pairs of jeans that fit in the waist, one of which are jeggings.(Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

And as for shoes, well, I think it’s kind of a given that you wear sneakers to games (right? Someone correct me if I’m wrong..), but sneakers don’t really fit with most of my work clothes.

Sigh. I know, I know I’m overthinking it. I do. I just want to fit in!

2 thoughts on “Can I borrow a uniform?

  1. Most people look weird wearing jerseys when they’re not actually participating in the sporting event. T-shirts are always fine, though, and for baseball teams, it’s pretty simple to make a t-shirt that looks exactly like a jersey. Really, as long as you’re wearing one of the dominant colors of the team you’re rooting for, you’re fine.

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