Bag Lady

You know how sometimes people say that someone has “a lot of baggage”? As in, they seem to be carrying a lot of mental or emotional weight. Well, in my world, the baggage is much more literal.

I’m a big purse girl. And it’s not like I just love the look or weight of a giant bag — my big purse is entirely necessary to my lifestyle.

My male friends tend to tease me about it, but I really don’t have any other choice. I get up quite early in the morning, and then I won’t see my home again for well over 12 hours. Which means, if there is anything I need throughout the day, it must be brought with me. Heck, if there is anything I might need at any point during the day, it had better be tucked in that oversized pocket book swinging from my shoulder or I’m out of luck.

Tuesdays are the worst because I go straight from work to the meeting. Right now my bag contains the following:

Wallet, five books for the meeting tonight, a sandwich, two granola bars, a yogurt, a pair of high heels, a letter from my dad with a wedding check I need to take to the bank, a hairbrush, a toiletrie bag, a mini notepad, and an assortment of pens, highlighters, and gum.

The entire bag is smaller than 2×2 feet.

What I’m saying is, the world can bring it; I’m prepared.

10 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. You could duplicate some of these things at the office, and maybe reduce your need to carry so much. My doing without a “murse,” has required that.

  2. I carry a big purse and a big bag with the rest everyday!! I guess I just need a bigger purse!!

  3. Considering I often have to bring things with me to work because I commute to NYC, I feel your pain. Only no man purse for me, I have a backpack. But unfortunately its loaded up so full sometimes I feel like the nerdy elementry (spelled wrong I know) kid who’s hunched over carrying EVERY book he owns to school. Only no books for me, just a change of clean clothes

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