Monsters Inc.

Writing a blog is a really precarious thing if you’re at all concerned with coming off pretentious or self-absorbed. Because, let’s face it, the entire practice is conducted under the assumptions that a) the Blogger has something interesting/entertaining to say, and b) people care.

My friend Craig does this hilarious thing called the Me Monster whenever anyone, even innocently, turns a conversation back to themselves. Example:

Person A: So I’m having a really difficult time with this class. I don’t get it and the teachers-
Person B: I loved that class! I got an A! The teacher loved me!

At this point Craig will start repeating, “I, me, my, MY, ME MY I!!!” with increasing volume while starting to beat his chest and flailing his arms like King Kong (it really is hilarious…I’ll see if I can get it on video) until Person B pipes down.

The point is, I have a lot of would-have-been post corpses sitting in my drafts folder because halfway through writing, I just stared at the words and thought, “Who cares?”

And now I can’t help the tiny Me Monster editor who sits in my brain, reading over every draft, poised to snap at the slightest symptom of ego. (He wears a green visor and smokes a cigar, in case you were wondering.)

I guess it’s pretty fortunate that most of my readers know me personally, so they do at least care on principle. For the rest of you…well, say something funny and maybe you’ll get quoted or something.

9 thoughts on “Monsters Inc.

  1. My friend Jackie sent me a link to your blog, and I’m now a daily reader. I think you’re HYSTERICAL! Your blog always has me “LOLing” at the office 🙂

    • You should see me right now; I’m totally having one of those Miss America “You like me! You really like me!” moments. I’m beyond flattered, and happy to have a new reader!

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