Just dreaming

I’ve been having the most vivid dreams lately.

Which is interesting because it’s crazy to see whet my subconscious can conjure up, but weird because when I dream about something moderately mundane, I sort of think it’s a memory of something that actually happened until I think over the logistics. (“Really, Justine? You had a conversation with your mother where she showed you a giant diamond she was going to smash into little diamonds for your wedding band? How’d you get to Iowa? Where’d she get a diamond the size of a fist? Where did your mom learn about diamond cutting? Hmm?)

Plus, it has been a while since I’ve had an out-and-out nightmare (not counting the “show up somewhere naked on accident” kind), and I did the other night. I was trapped in a haunted basement library with some other people, and I was the only one who could pry the elevator open with my bare hands. (In hindsight, that’s obviously a mental mashup of those Devil trailers and what it’s like when you almost get shut out of the subway.)

I guess I had started assuming that nightmares and really intense dreams were kid stuff, especially since I haven’t really remembered a dream in a while. Or maybe my circadian clock has just adjusted so I wake at the height of REM. (Although we all know that is not conducive to waking refreshed…thanks a million, brain.)

At least I haven’t had any wedding dreams/nightmares yet. (Although the fiance has…usually involving “accidentally” getting married months before our date.)

Which I guess just goes to show that dreams aren’t really anything to worry about. Although getting married soon would be nice. As would that giant diamond.