First things first

So, first impressions are a funny thing. My friend (and bridesmaid!) Brittany and I were recently discussing how some of her closest friendships started with the weirdest introductions.

My friend Sam is a good example of that. I first met Sam through my now-fiance. Sam is basically everyone’s little brother, so I guess his closeness with TF gave him a bit of a sense of entitlement about talking to his friend’s new girlfriend. The conversation (again, the first conversation we had ever had) went a little something like this:

I was sitting by myself at a friend’s house during a party, when Sam plopped down next to me.

Sam: Justine, I want you to tell me five things you look for in a guy, and I bet I have at least two of them.

Me: Ha um…seriously?

There are a couple of things you need to know about Sam. One, he was 16 at the time of this conversation (I was 22). Two, he has known the fiance literally his entire life and openly adores him. So this convo was not at all creepy, just more…bold(?).

So I named off a few things I look for (sense of humor, nice to me, blah blah blah).

Sam: Justine…I’m your perfect man.

Then Sam proceeded to list five things he looks for in a girl, ending with:

Sam: …and (stares into my eyes)…green eyes.

Me: My eyes are hazel, Sam.

Sam: That’s what I meant. Greenish-hazel.

From then on, Sam and I had a special kind of friendship. Namely, the kind where he openly hit on me in front of my boyfriend. I think my favorite line was (to the fiance), “When you die, can you will Justine to me?”

Me: Sam, it doesn’t exactly work that way…

Sam: Shhh…I think he’s going for it.

(Edit: I’m watching the fiance play football with some friends, including Sam, as I write this. Sam just got something out of his backpack and was teasing me about blogging. I told him I was writing about him and his immediate response was, “I love you.” Same old, same old…)