Nemeses and Nor’ Easters

I’m starting to think the weather has something against me. Something personal and deep-seated. Like, maybe we went to high school together, and one time I got the spot on debate team Weather wanted, but Weather let it go, and then I got voted to homecoming court and Weather had to make the decorations, but Weather let it go, and THEN — well, then the guy Weather had secretly been in love with for six years asked me to get a Pepsi float with him at the neighborhood soda fountain and, for Weather, that. Was. The. Last. Straw.

What I’m saying is, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything intentional to piss Weather off, but I did something she’s not going to forgive me for anytime soon.

I’ve already gone into the virtual art form that is commuting in the rain, but I left out was all the preparation this dance requires. Starting with wardrobe.

You know how commuters have to carry their days on their backs? It’s a similar philosophy when it comes to dressing. I make my groggy, “what should I wear today” decision, knowing in the back of my mind that whatever it is has to transition seamlessly from morning-train couture to evening-plans ensemble. In other words, I’m going to wear what I put on, no matter the environment, for the next 16-17 hours.

Interestingly(ish), the most difficult part of the whole process is shoes. For example, if it’s, oh, I don’t know, pouring down rain, I’ll want to wear my Wellies. But I’ll want to wear modest heels or ballet flats at work. But I’ll want to wear dressier heels to the meeting after. If you’re keeping track, we’re up to three pairs, including my giant green rain boots.

In the end, I’ll probably wear the boots and pack heels or nice flats, but I’ll stare at the shoes at some point during the day and think, “If only…”

Fashion regret is real, folks, and it’s cruel.

So I guess I should try to figure out some way of making up with Weather. Maybe a Pepsi float would help.

(***Edit (lot of these lately…): It was crazy thunderstorm-ing (get made-up verb’d) last night when I wrote this, anticipating a soggy trip. This morning it was sunny and gorgeous. Apparently Weather’s new plan of attack is making me look like a whiny idiot. She’s good.)