On fashion trends

James: I really like that look girls are wearing right now with the tall socks and skirts almost to the knee. There’s something about that little bit of skin-

Me: What do you mean “tall socks”? Do you mean tights?

James: No, they’re like, up to the knee?

Me: Where have you seen this?

James: Girls walking around by my office.

Me: So, it’s like a school girl uniform?

James: …I guess.

Me: And these girls…are they school-age?

James: No…I mean, I don’t think so.

Me: James, are they young?

James: …

Me: Are they carrying book bags?

James: …

Me: Are they wearing plaid?

James: …

Me: Are there crests on their sweaters?

James: I haven’t seen any crests!