Work it out

Good news, folks! In an effort to stave off heart disease, various types of cancers, and obesity (and to keep bringing you this lovely blog for a long, long time), I have officially adopted regular fitness back into my life.

Remember when I used to be fit? I think the best shape I’ve ever been in was a) after I completed a six-days-a-week-for-six-weeks kickboxing course and b) the first semester of my senior year when I was running 2-3 miles, 5-6 days a week and going to pilates twice a week. Sigh…those were the days. Lately I’m lucky if I get in a good run more than once a week. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten fat, but I’m definitely…softer. In a bad way.

The fiance and I have this plan to join a gym and get super in-shape for our impending nuptials (less than six months out!), but a prior obligation to his old gym has held up the plan for a month or two. And since I don’t do well (mentally and emotionally, aside from the physical implications) when I’m not getting a regular dose of exercise-induced endorphins, I started looking for alternate ways to get my fix.

We’re planning to join a Planet Fitness that happens to be exactly in the middle of our two homes, so I started asking around our group of friends to see if anyone already belonged so I could join and then catch a ride with them.

TURNS OUT, not only is my good friend Bryan a member, and not only was he also looking for some motivation to get back in the groove of going regularly, but he ALSO gets a free plus-one. Meaning I don’t even have to join until the Fiance is ready. (Although at $10 a month, it might be worth it just so I don’t have to sign the guest sheet every visit.)

You know how I So. Much. Prefer working out with someone else? I think I had forgotten just how true that is. Having someone to talk to on the treadmill makes the miles whiz by, and it’s virtually impossible to skip the gym when I’m being picked up from the train for the soul purpose of going there. Oh, motivation.

We went Monday with great success, and we’re going again tonight. A definite improvement from the once-a-week run I had been doing before. And it might just be in my head, but I already feel so much better. Less tired, more optimistic, and my metabolism is fired up like whoa.

You know, exactly how every health magazine ever says exercise is supposed to make you feel. Go figure.