Things people search

So, besides keeping track of your blog stats, WordPress has some pretty nifty blog functions. For example, telling you what search terms people used to find your blog that day. Which, inevitably, leads to some hilarity.

So here you have it, folks! It’s not a comprehensive list, but these are my favorite terms people have used in the last year to find my blog. (Side note: You can try searching some of them, but to be honest, I have NO idea how people found my blog. It must be buried somewhere on page 27 of Google or something…anywho…) And just for fun, I linked a few to the posts I’m assuming came up in the search. Let’s begin!

robin scherbatsky haircut
nobody likes you when youre 23
teacher called student skank
sleep drooling
“skanky jean shorts”
“pantyhose and tennis shoes”
“skank susan in pantyhose”
“green gremlin emoticons for droid
rainbows and puppy dogs
huddle clap
“i love you man ridonkulous
penn station
“oh my gosh it’s gonna be an osh kosh night”
statistically inclined
“bandana around neck + hipster
country song dont judge me”
“headband earmuff crochetting
“is it totes mcgoats or totes magotes”

…sounds about right.