Friendly interaction

Well, once again camping has been a great success. There was hiking, cabins, campfires, and an abundance of food. The only sad part was having to leave a day early to get to work Sunday afternoon. But what can ya do, right?

I realized there are a lot of things I do in life solely for the human interaction. Camping is one. I mean, there are a lot of things about camping that I really enjoy (hiking, campfires, fresh air, etc.), but I would probably never be the one to suggest spending the weekend subject to the elements, lack of bathing, and unhealthy (though delicious) food.

Sports is another thing. As I’ve said before, I like watching games. Hockey and football I can even watch on TV and be entertained. But I am never going to be home alone and flip on the game. And a loss is never going to ruin my day. (Except for the one time my college basketball team got knocked out of Final Four contention in the last two seconds of play…the entire state was rooting for them. It was a dark time.)

The point is, I take part in sports only as far as it’s a social interaction. Again, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, I just might also have ulterior motives.