A little something in the morning

Wow. So who would have thought so many people would share my thoughts about narwhals? It’s the little things that remind us we’re all human.

So, I think the guy who runs the Dunkin Donuts by my train station has a thing for me. And by that I mean, he makes it almost painfully obvious, but I’m not quite sure how to handle it.

Just so you know this isn’t me being a Me Monster, here is my evidence:

A) Whenever I go in (once or twice a week), he always quite literally shoves another worker out of the way so he can either be my cashier or hand me my coffee.

B) He will ask me at least twice if I need anything else (after I’ve finished paying and am clearly waiting for my order off to the side).

C) He gave me a free Halloween tote bag “for trick or treating.” It would actually be much less disconcerting to know this is a special going on…can anyone back that up? (But still, how old does he think I am??)

D) He has had me repeat my order four times before, only to excuse it by saying, “Sorry, you’re so pretty I thought I would mess it up.”

So, I’m really not trying to be conceited here. I’m just trying to get some feedback to see if it would be in poor taste to try to finagle more free goods (lattes, egg and cheese wraps, pumpkin donuts, etc.) in exchange for getting blatantly stared at for four minutes. I mean, it’s not like I encourage this. I just show up and pay for things. Is that so wrong?

Apparently all it takes for me to sell out my gender is espresso and pastry free of charge.