If I had a million dollars

Do you ever get in a rut where everything you want out of life costs a million dollars? Ok, not literally, but more than you feel comfortable spending?

That’s what fall does to me. Remember my spending lusts from a couple months ago? It has gotten worse.

And since I’m too tired to think of something creative to post about, I give you, “What Justine Would Buy if She Had a Million Dollars (Literally)”:

A Burberry Scarf

Classic, chic, and cozy. What more could I want? (Well, a cheaper price tag…might have to hit up this place.)

A Kristin Leather Large Hobo

Lovely fall color, big enough to fit my life, a long enough strap that I don’t have to hang onto it. Oh Coach, you tease.

Flat brown leather boots

Yup, still want looking for an affordable pair of these. Surprise, it’s not actually these.)

Rosegold watch

I like this. That’s all there is to it.

6 thoughts on “If I had a million dollars

  1. Little info for you That you probably Don’t know. I worked at Bloomingdale’s for 4.5 years. While I don’t get my discount anymore (obviously) I do happen to know around when EVERY SALE is. So if your in the market for anything they sell, let me know n ill tell you when its best to buy it. (I.e. $50 off that Burberry scarf coming up)

  2. Totally agree about the boots dilemma… I’ve been looking for 2 years for the perfect pair of riding boots. The nice ones are way too expensive to justify, the cheaper ones are well, cheap looking. **sigh** the search goes on…

  3. I totally want a Burberry scarf too! And someday I will rent a tiny puppy for a day and put her in a tiny Burberry scarf in my Burberry bag while sipping a latte and walking down the street in my Burberry trench and scarf. Sometimes my dreams are detailed. And a bit embarrassing…

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