I need a moment

You know what I love? Having a moment with a complete stranger.

Let me explain before your dirty little minds find a euphemism in that. I mean when something happens (like, I don’t know, a crucial system of transportation shutting down or a crazy person blaming you for sinking Atlantis) and you make eye contact with someone and both know EXACTLY what the other is thinking. And you feel connected to someone for maybe ten seconds, and then walk away happy for no reason.

Case in point, a couple nights ago I was just walking to the train, and I must have looked cute or something because this doorman I pass goes, “Woo!” at me. (Yeah…)

And I looked at him in mild surprise like, “Seriously? That’s your best shot?” And the most sheepish, most endearing look came over his face, like, “Yup, realizing that was dumb and also realizing you are walking not driving so there is a lot of time for eye contact oops.”

And I busted up laughing and so did he. And it was kind of sweet in a “well, that was silly and good-natured” kind of way.

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I walked away happy for no real reason.