Last things last

So, I don’t know if the fiance does this (or any other soon-to-be-marrieds), but I’ve started looking at everything as the “last _____ as an unmarried person.”

I already had my last unmarried summer, I’m in my last unmarried fall. We had our last unmarried camping trip. In a few weeks it will be the last time I go to Iowa as an unmarried person.

It’s probably important to clarify that I’m not thinking these things with any kind of sense of foreboding or dread. Quite the contrary, a spend at least part of every day convincing myself that it would be way too mushed out to post a tweet about how crazy excited I am to start calling the fiance the husband. (Or I might get really crazy and use his name. Things will be a bit more official, after all.)

The point is, every time I tick something off the list (last unmarried convention, last unmarried hockey season), I know I’m getting a little closer to a lifetime of firsts.

And that’s a list I’m pretty darn excited to start.