Last things last

So, I don’t know if the fiance does this (or any other soon-to-be-marrieds), but I’ve started looking at everything as the “last _____ as an unmarried person.”

I already had my last unmarried summer, I’m in my last unmarried fall. We had our last unmarried camping trip. In a few weeks it will be the last time I go to Iowa as an unmarried person.

It’s probably important to clarify that I’m not thinking these things with any kind of sense of foreboding or dread. Quite the contrary, a spend at least part of every day convincing myself that it would be way too mushed out to post a tweet about how crazy excited I am to start calling the fiance the husband. (Or I might get really crazy and use his name. Things will be a bit more official, after all.)

The point is, every time I tick something off the list (last unmarried convention, last unmarried hockey season), I know I’m getting a little closer to a lifetime of firsts.

And that’s a list I’m pretty darn excited to start.


4 thoughts on “Last things last

  1. This is not gonna be last unmarried post (I don’t know what I just said it was just the first thing that came to my head)

  2. I just find the last unmarried hockey season statement very appropriate and adorable because (although not intended this way) the season ends Saturday, April 9th and we will be gettin’ hitched on the following date – Sunday, April 10th. So… that’s pretty awesome. Go Islanders!

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