Discussions on Death

So I went to my first funeral last night. (Not someone I knew personally, but it was Craig‘s grandfather, so still sad.) Also, learned that this fact apparently makes me a freak.

The fiance has apparently been to at least 35 funerals, and his friend James claims to have been to over 50.

I mean, I kind of knew what to expect, thanks to movies and TV, but it was still a little eerie to have what was basically a somber reunion with a dead body on the table where snacks would have gone.

There were a lot of people there, which was nice. And it wasn’t as sad as it could have been because my friend’s grandpa had been very sick for a long time, and it was nice knowing he wasn’t in pain anymore.

After the service, the fiance and I were walking to the car with Craig talking about how uncomfortable it was having the body right there while everyone chatted, and I said I wanted to be cremated.

Then I thought about it and clarified that I wanted to be cremated and scattered where we got engaged, because I was the happiest I can remember being there, plus it’s the prettiest outdoor place I can think of.

The fiance was mildly horrified to be discussing my demise (“Do you realize that would be the saddest trip ever? First I’d have to spend six hours crying on a plane, then cry the whole gondola ride up, then repeat the whole thing going home!”), but if anyone should know these things, I’m pretty sure it’s him.

Phew, sorry for being so morbid. I can’t imagine how I’d be after 40 or 50 of these things.

Just to leave you on a lighter note, two things:

1.) If you haven’t tried the vanilla chai latte at Dunkin Donuts yet, OMG do it NOW.

2.) My Dunkin boyfriend is officially out of control. He actually made one of his employees stop working and come over to the cash register to validate that I was pretty this morning. It went like this:

D-BF: Sandy…Sandy come here.

Sandy: I’m talking to Lisa.

D-BF: Just come here.

Sandy: *Comes over*

D-BF: Look at this. (Apparently meaning me.)

Sandy: *Looks at me* She’s very beautiful.

Me: Oh…um… *blush*…thanks?

Because she said it in this way like, “Yes, ok, I believe you now.”

Which begs the question, am I a topic of discussion and debate when I’m not there?? I had better get something free out of this soon. It’s getting weird.

8 thoughts on “Discussions on Death

  1. Cremation is the way to go, and it definitely will be in the future. A full-casket burial is way more expensive than most people think, and that will be much more of a problem in 60 years when cemetery land is much more in demand. But typically, even for people who get cremated, they’re embalmed for the funeral services and visitation, and then cremated afterwards. And usually when people are cremated, they’re still buried–people often have this image of grandma’s ashes in an urn over the fireplace, but that’s rare.

  2. hahaha..ask Brita how she wants it done.. Im suppose to cremate her…drive her ashes upstate..somehow find a fire truck in the middle of nowhere…get up as high as i can in the crane..and TOSSSSSSSSS her ashes all through out the little pond campground..kinda gross

  3. Can I be carried to the peak of Mt Everest and and be buried beneath the icy tundra on the next full moon following my death??

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