Swap & Meet

So, I’m pretty excited about this. As many of you know, I like to blog (durrr). I also like reading other people’s blogs and getting to know great bloggers. Which is why I found this idea so appealing.

Genius bloggers Sandy A La Mode and Much Love, Illy came up with the idea to for the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap. You can read the deets, but basically, once you send Sandy your info, she pairs you up with another blogger that can be anywhere else in the world. You get to know each other a bit, then send each other a care package containing some kind of gloves or mittens (mittens!!) and anything else you think that person might enjoy. One hundred bloggers are participating. So cool, right?

Well, today we got our partners! Mine is Emily from Today Tomorrow Thursday. And guys, she’s kind of awesome. I mean, I crocheted a couple of headbands, but she is crafty beyond belief. Plus she’s super into snail mail (a girl after my own heart), and her postcard art is also lovely. Talk about pressure to make my own packaging a masterpiece!

She has also totally motivated me to turn all of my blogroll members into pretty badges. Because who doesn’t need more prettiness in their life, amiright? (And I now have about 80 ideas for things I could do with baker’s twine…sigh. Wedding crafts.)

So I need to get the prettiest little package mailed out by December 1st. So excited to start!!