So this is paradise

I took a video of my condo. That’s how ridiculous it is. But I’m having trouble uploading it to the blog, so you have to wait for that. But here’s a quick rundown.

It has three bedrooms. And three bathrooms, two of which could fit my entire apartment. I have a gorgeous kitchen complete with everything Cuisinart has put out in through last year or so. I have two giant TVs. A veranda with the most gorgeous view of the entire resort, the ocean, and the rain forest.

I have an infinity pool and a pass to the private beach club. A gym. My own golf cart to get to and from everything. (Though I think they overestimated my golf cart driving/navigational ability. The first day they told me to drive from my condo to through main office along, and all I could think was, there are so many ways this could end in disaster…)

All my meals were delicious (and comped) culminating in a fantastic sushi dinner on the last night. I spent time in the pool (which may as well have been my own private pool), went on an incredible zip line tour, saw amazingly gorgeous villas and convos…all in all, incredible trip.

Now if only I could forget about my five a.m. car to the airport tomorrow…the bottle of wine in my welcome basket ought to help!


3 thoughts on “So this is paradise

  1. I dislocated my kneecap, got hit with a volleyball on the sidelines and ate taco bell, but I’m glad your having fun. (Channeling my inner james) MUST BE NICE

  2. Into every paradise a little rain must fall! I think they would have provided a GPS for the cart if you asked. Glad it was so wonderful!

  3. How dare you visit Costa Rica and NOT pack us in your bag!!! I mean come on! We don’t even know where you are … who’s gonna protect you from the monkeys? Clearly you need us!
    Miss you

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