Holiday Eve Post

The last day of work before a holiday is almost alarmingly reminiscent of the last day of school before a holiday; no one wants to work, everyone goofs around and eats nicer snacks, and 70 percent of the class (er…office) won’t even show up.

What I’m saying is, it’s almost fun to go to work on these days.

Don’t get me wrong; if my boss was like, “Ya know what? We’re starting vaca a day early. Don’t come in to work. Surprise!” I would not be sad. But I kind of like working in that relaxed environment, and you rarely get new assignments, so the whole day stays pretty chill.

In other news, we’re Iowa bound tomorrow morning! Tonight I need to clean my apartment (does anyone else just hate coming home to a messy apartment?), pack, and generally prepare myself for travel.

See y’all on Monday!