Home again

Well, for the second time in a week and a half, I’m back home in New York. The Iowa trip was pretty successful! I saw everyone (who was in town) that I wanted to see, spent time with the fam, took our engagement pictures (no, I don’t have them yet, so don’t even ask), had a wedding shower (AKA, had an excuse to drink wine and get presents) — the fiance and I even won the newlywed game we played. Though, to be fair, we sort of had an edge since we’ve had the least amount of time to forget everything.

Our party faces.

But, as always, it’s nice to be back. Even though, for the most part, our wedding is basically planned, there are a few things left to do that I’m a little anxious to get started.

Here are my goals for December:

1. Work out. A lot.
2. Get my dress altered (I have an appointment on the 4th).
3. Book our honeymoon.
4. Figure out tasting, cake, and decor with our reception hall.
5. Find a florist for my bouquet.
6. Order the flowers for my maids bouquets.
7. Make boutonnieres and corsages for moms. Oh, and figure out something for flower girls.
8. Have my wedding band made/get the fiance’s ring.

It sounds like a lot listed out, huh? Welp, let’s get started!