On travel in Spain

“Most important: “Gelat” is ice cream, so don’t get sad when you don’t get yummy gelato. I did the first three times before I figured it out.”


Sharing is scaring

I have one of those faces that people tend to trust. (I’ve been compared to a certain Disney deer, and as of late, I get Whitney Port a lot…so you be the judge.)

This is fine, except it also means that people like to tell me things. Things that they maybe don’t tell a lot of people. Which is also done, except that sometimes they’re crazy.

For example, people like to talk to me on the train. They like to talk to me on the subway. They like to talk to me on park benches.

Again, total strangers. Who tell me a great deal about their lives. And offer me advice. And I spend a good deal of time in New York City, a city renowned for it’s high concentration of crazies. So…I’m not saying I don’t take the advice, but I’m what you would call skeptical.

I’ve always said that I’m exactly the type of person tourists want to ask for directions; I generally look like I know where I’m going, and I don’t look like I’m going to mug anyone.

In college, I had this internship, and we all decided to form a three-on-three basketball league (which my team WON, by the by…).

Told ya.

When the time came to draw names out of a hat to determine teams, who do you think got elected to do the drawing? Yup, ol’ honest-face Justine. (Though, I really do hate cheating, so it wasn’t a bad choice.)

So I guess looking open and honest isn’t totally a bad thing. Now, if I could just get the crazies to leave me alone.

The good with the bad

So, we had a blizzard.

Given my somewhat open sharing policy when it comes to my opinions on winter and the LIRR, the loyal readers among you probably assume I’ve hated every second of the last 48 hours. But you know what? Maybe I’ve just become desensitized to uncomfortable travel, but it hasn’t been that bad.

Monday I had a snow day. Normally I feel a little guilty for taking a snow day, but this time the entire train system was shut down. The ENTIRE train system. So I wasn’t getting to work no matter how much anyone wanted me too. And since most of my office was in the same predicament, I didn’t feel too bad. And I had a lovely day off with the fiance.

Yesterday was fairly unpleasant, but mostly because bad weather turns people into idiots.

I always knew (after almost 12 Midwest winters) that everyone forgets how to drive after through first big snow fall. But apparently most of them forget how to function in general out here too.

For example, true or false: Stopping at the bottom AND the top of crowded stairwells to take in your surroundings is a bad idea.

The answer is true. Normally I would leave a painfully obvious question like that rhetorical, but I’ve come to realize that is giving the general population waaaay to much credit.

But anyway. I can deal with people not knowing how to properly use a sidewalk. The only truly painful part of yesterday was the train ride home. It. Was. So. Crowded.

And people were just being jerks. And even though the train was filled beyond what I’m sure a safe capacity would be, we still had to stop at each station to pretend to let more people crowd on. And to listen to the conductors explain that we weren’t going anywhere if the doors weren’t closed, “so if the door is closing on you, please step off the train.”

In that moment, you hate the person refusing to get off the train. I totally understand where they’re coming from, and I would obviously be doing the same thing if I was them, but I still hate them. C’est la vie, right?

But anyway. I got home. And through fiance had been kind enough to drive me to the train the last few mornings. So all in all, my commute had probably been less annoying than normal.

See? Not as bitter as you thought, right?

Frittatas sound fancy

I haven’t been cooking as much lately. It’s not that I’ve lost interested in the idea, I just eat at home a lot less than I used to. Lunch (and often times, breakfast) takes place at work. And when I get home for dinner, The Fiance and I will usually grab something out or eat dinner that his parents’ have made at their house. (Delicious AND cost-effective!)

But Saturday a couple friend of ours had a bunch of people over for breakfast, and I figured it would be a great opportunity to make something new. Frittatas!

The best things about breakfast foods is that they have fancy names, but aren’t actually difficult to make. French toast? Sounds exotic and European, but it’s actually just bread dipped in egg and pan-fried. Omelet? Eggs mixed with literally whatever you throw in them.

And frittatas. Which, in principle are very similar to frittatas, but are baked like a pie. Quiche without the crust is how I described it.

I used a recipe my mom sent me, but then mixed up the ingredients for a second frittata. The first one had red pepper, red onion, chicken apple sausage, and mozzarella. The second one had asparagus, spinach, mozzarella, and feta cheese.

Here’s how it went down:

{saute chopped peppers and onions in olive oil}
{saute chopped asparagus and spinach in olive oil}
{mix a dozen eggs with 1/2 cup of half and half; divide into two parts}

{Combine veggies with egg mixture; pour into greased pie pans and bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes}


So there you have it. A super simple breakfast treat that will please just about anyone (and is a snap to personalize!). I should do this cooking thing more often.

Top Ten Posts of 2010

Remember that time I made a huge, honkin’ deal about how I don’t post on weekends? Welp. Here we are.

So guess what. It’s my blog’s second birthday today! (These little blogs grow up so fast, don’t they?)

{Nom, nom, nom}

AND it’s basically the end of the year! Which means it’s time for another one of these.


10. The Lemon Pledge – I’m glad my suffering wasn’t for naught.
9. A little something in the morning – My Dunkin boyfriend isn’t the only one who likes me!
8. Monsters Inc. – Who doesn’t love a Me Monster?
7. Hunger thoughts – Apparently my starvation was fascinating.
6. Nobody likes you when you’re 23 – Except you guys, of course.
5. Signed, sealed, delivered – Proof blogger swaps are a good idea.
4. Can’t sleep; won’t sleep – Still can’t do this.
3. So young, so naive. – Everyone does this. EVERYONE.
2. What I did on my summer vacation – You can probably guess why this is my favorite post.

AND, the number one most looked at post of the past year IS…

1. Narwhals. Seriously. – ‘Nuf said.

But seriously. I get at least ten random views a DAY from people searching something to do with narwhals in Google. EVERYONE LOVES THEM.

Sorry for all the caps. Nostalgia gets me excited.

So there you have it! I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read this silly thing. It wouldn’t be near as much fun without you all.

To the new year, new beginnings, and narwhals!

Working for the weekend

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Which means my weekend starts tomorrow. Which means you’ll have to last three days without a post instead of the standard two. (Here’s where I’d normally make a self-deprecating “I know, you’re inconsolable” joke, but it occurs to me that I’ve done that a few times already. Suffice to say I realize this announcement doesn’t ruin your day.)

I recently explained to my friend Bryan that I have a policy about not posting on weekends. (Well, aside from the occasional Out of Context quote. You’ve gotta get that stuff down while it’s fresh.) He thought it was amusing, which I suppose it sort of is. After all, I’m not getting paid here. I don’t have deadlines, except the ones I impose on myself. I could start a “no posts on every day except Wednesday” policy if I really wanted to.

But I guess it never occurred to me that my policy was funny until then. I mean, I update my blog almost every week day. I have a pretty loyal following of readers (and even a few I don’t know! Progress!). And if I can be a Me Monster for a second, I break 200 views a day with a fair amount of regularity now. (300 is the goal for 2011. I’m looking at you, casual readership.)

So maybe the policy is silly. But you never know how things will turn out. And having set days I don’t blog reinforces the unspoken rule that I should write the other days.

I know, you’re all eternally grateful.