Signed, sealed, delivered

Remember when I told you I was taking part in a blogger exchange? Well, I got my care package this weekend!

Not only did Emily include a cute pair of gloves, she also threw in some CDs of musicals (incidentally, all shows I love but none of which I owned!) and some super cute postcards (collecting and sending is one of her hobbies).

Unfortunately, I uncharacteristically spaced off the swap deadline (d’oh!) and sent my care package a few days late. But the United States Postal Service promised me she would get it today so…we’ll see. (Sorry, Em! Hopefully it will be worth the wait.)

I’d never done anything like this before, and given my current schedule, I was a little nervous to add one more thing to my to-do list — even something as seemingly simple as buying someone gloves and shipping them (though, clearly I was not totally unfair in my self-judgment).

But you know, I’m still glad I did it. It was something different, and it put me in contact with some great/artistic/crafty bloggers, all of whom gave me some awesome ideas for sprucing up my own little blog (perhaps in time for its second birthday?).

So in short, fun idea. Looking forward to next year’s swap!