On text speak

“There’s no emoticon accurate for the face I’m making right now.”



Confusing Craving

Well, here we are on day three of the cleanse. Also known as (reportedly) the worst day.

Pros: At least I’m getting the worst day out of the way early!

Cons: It’s 7a.m. on the worst day.

Even though I’m definitely hungry, I haven’t felt as omgiamstarving!!!!!!! as I expected. I mean, I’ve felt about as hungry as I am now when I’ve gone six hours between meals. It’s probably a mental thing.

Although, it is weird. Usually when I feel hungry, I think, “Ok, this sucks, but at least I’ll eat soon.”

Now I think, “Ok, this sucks, but at least I’ll eat in…seven days.”

Life is just more boring without food. Work seems longer without snacks, coming home is less comforting without dinner, mornings are colder without coffee and breakfast.

The weirdest part, though, is the cravings. I’ve started craving foods I don’t even like that much. Yesterday, I stared drooling over a PICTURE of a bowl of popcorn. I mean, I like popcorn ok, but I’ve never been driven crazy by the scent and I’ve certainly never craved it.

I even started testing my new cravings by imagining foods I normally don’t eat. And you know what? I could really go for a raw tomato right now.

So basically, I’m obsessed with food. EVERYTHING sounds good. When the fiance eats dinner, I hover over him staring at the food. (Last night his dad roasted chicken. When I walked in the house, I was pretty sure I knew what heaven smells like.)

On the bright side, the fiance is planning to make me dinner at the end (December 23rd, 7 p.m., in case you were wondering). I know I won’t be able to eat that much, but the thought of eating something that requires chewing just sounds tom delightful for me to care how much I can eat.

So wish me (and Craig) good luck on our third day of cleansing! Here’s hoping the next seven days just fly by.