I miss chewing

Well, the cleanse/fast is still going strong. The only difference? I’ve decided Sunday will be my last day.

Yeah, I’m quitting early. But I’m still proud of my solid seven days. The thing is, I’ve sort of lost interest. And I miss food. I love food. I love feeling full. So this whole process has been largely counterintuitive, which I suppose makes sense.

Though apparently my colon will love me for it.

I’m supposed to start Monday slow — orange juice for breakfast, then a light lunch, then “clean foods” for the next few meals. Fortunately, pretty much all of my cravings have been for healthy foods. I could seriously murder a plate of roasted veggies right now. Nom.

So only four more days! (God, that sounds so much more manageable than seven more, doesn’t it?) And I’ve already gotten through the dreaded third day, so how bad could it be? …right?