You know those Twix commercials where people eat chewy candy to give themselves a minute to think after being asked an awkward question? I have my own version of that: I cock my head slightly and say, “Hm?”

Yup, my grand stalling plan is largely made up of pretending I haven’t heard them correctly.

Usually for me, an “awkward question” constitutes someone asking my opinion about something I don’t care for. You know how I can’t lie (well)? Well, when someone wants to know what I think of their (in my opinion) flattering haircut or (again, in my opinion) bad idea, I’ll usually try to soften the blow by phrasing it in an well-I-don’t-care-for-it-but-I-love-this-tiny-probably-unrelated-aspect kind of way.

Of course, making something like that convincing not only takes time to think up, I also need at least a few seconds to get into character.

So maybe it’s not the most scientific plan. It’s better than rambling about something random while you wait for a response. Now, you were saying?

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