Imaginary (Work) Friends

As you know, there’s often a fairly sizeable reaction whenever I mention one of my friends in this blog. To be fair, it’s usually the person being mentioned that does the reacting, however, every once in a while people react to a new person getting introduced.

Case in point: Work Annie.

My friend Sam approached me the other day with a bone to pick. Sam felt that since Work Annie had been mentioned a few times, it was my responsibility to my readers to provide a bit more information about her.

Well, actually what he did was accuse me of making her up.

Let me say for the record that nothing in my blog is made up. The stories, challenges, and awkwardness are all very real. If I don’t have anything to write about, I just don’t. (Well, or I just quote a funny friend.)

But to silence the doubters once and for all, I’d like to introduce you all to Work Annie, of Office Poncho fame:


Ain’t she cute?

I refer to her as Work Annie because one of my oldest (and frequently quoted) friends is also named Annie, and she earned the right to be simply Annie a long time ago.

So there you have it. And let that be a lesson to all of you.

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