Working for the weekend

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Which means my weekend starts tomorrow. Which means you’ll have to last three days without a post instead of the standard two. (Here’s where I’d normally make a self-deprecating “I know, you’re inconsolable” joke, but it occurs to me that I’ve done that a few times already. Suffice to say I realize this announcement doesn’t ruin your day.)

I recently explained to my friend Bryan that I have a policy about not posting on weekends. (Well, aside from the occasional Out of Context quote. You’ve gotta get that stuff down while it’s fresh.) He thought it was amusing, which I suppose it sort of is. After all, I’m not getting paid here. I don’t have deadlines, except the ones I impose on myself. I could start a “no posts on every day except Wednesday” policy if I really wanted to.

But I guess it never occurred to me that my policy was funny until then. I mean, I update my blog almost every week day. I have a pretty loyal following of readers (and even a few I don’t know! Progress!). And if I can be a Me Monster for a second, I break 200 views a day with a fair amount of regularity now. (300 is the goal for 2011. I’m looking at you, casual readership.)

So maybe the policy is silly. But you never know how things will turn out. And having set days I don’t blog reinforces the unspoken rule that I should write the other days.

I know, you’re all eternally grateful.