I do, do you?

We all used to make a game out of who would get married first.

By “we all,” I mean my tight-knit group of high school friends. There were more boys than girls, which for whatever reason made the game more fun. I guess we joked enough about the difficulty of getting more girls to hang out with us that the idea of convincing a girl to marry into the group became more humorous. (Not that I wouldn’t highly recommend any of them. I have pretty awesome friends.)

But whatever the reason, the conversation seemed to pop up a lot.

Brian and Liz were the only ones who seriously dated throughout college, so my money was always on them to tie the knot first. (For the record, they did get engaged first.) Then I usually said myself or Annie, because she usually had a serious boyfriend and I’m the marrying type. (Mostly kidding about me. But it turns out I am the first one to go, so who knows?)

The game got more interesting the further we expanded the perimeters of who was in the running.

I’m pretty good at this game. In fact, I not only predicted the first person in our broader circle of friends to get married (“broader circle” coming to include just about anyone we had ever been good friends with), I predicted when they would get engaged within the week. Skillz.

So why does this matter. Well, technically I’m getting married a wee bit young (at least for my current geographic area), however, in general, pretty much all of my friends are at ye olde acceptable marrying age. And now that the game is a little more literal, a little less hypothetical, there’s a new level to it.

I mean, the bulk of my really close friends are in relationships that could culminate in engagements within the next year or two (no pressure, guys). They also all live in different states. Which means I could be looking at upwards of six weddings in 2012. In all ends of the country. My bank account is wheezing already.

But seriously, I kind of love it. I love seeing my friends happy, I love us all being able to share the experience, and heck, you know I love weddings.

I guess I’m just bracing myself. I actually wrote an article a while back on how to survive wedding season (May through October, in case you’re wondering).

It’s kind of funny/weird/alarming to realize you’ve hit the age where all your friends are settling down. What do they call that again? Oh yeah. Adulthood.