Wake up woes

There are few things I detest more than waking up while it’s still dark out. Well, except maybe waking up while it’s dark and freezing out.

It was seven degrees while I waited for the bus today. Seven.

It’s not just that waking up before the sun is unnatural (though I think we can all agree it is). The truly annoying part is that no matter how much sleep I got that night, I will never feel rested if I wake up to darkness.

For example, this weekend I got almost twelve hours of sleep both Friday and Saturday nights. (The fiance and most of my friends were out of town. I’m not usually quite that lame.) So based on SCIENCE, I should have felt super well rested. But on Sunday, I tried to wake up at six to hit the gym. Didn’t happen. And today, I hit snooze about three times before finally lurching from my snuggly comforter.

Early to bed, early to rise, right? So what’s the point of having a responsible bed time if the rising part is still going to feel like a punishment?

I guess there’s always daylight savings. Though losing that hour is kind of a win-lose too.