At least I’m not on MTV

So…it’s yet another snow day. Insane, right?

I kind of love working from home. I miss my work computer, with it’s super fast internet speeds and Photoshop and all that, but there’s something about working in pajamas whilst watching MTV that I just can’t hate on.

Speaking of MTV, I have a confession. I love it.

Ok, not everything on it. There are shows I just think are stupid, but the shows I like, I reeeeally like. And I’m pretty sure it’s just because they make me feel better about my life.

Here is my analysis of what I watch and why:

1. I Used to be Fat

Why I love it: Um, hi. A show about teens losing around 90 pounds in about 100 days. Sign. Me. Up. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a makeover, but I love weight loss shows. In a big way. In college, I got my entire house of four roommates addicted to The Biggest Loser, which I had been watching for about four seasons at that point. (And yes, I cry at almost every finale.)

2. Jersey Shore

Why I like it: Ok, stay with me on this one. Yes, I know these people are ridiculous. Yes, I know their lifestyles are insane, unhealthy, and will undoubtedly end in premature death. But after a crazy day at work, when a million thoughts are running through my exhausted brain, all I have to do is flip on everyone’s favorite East Coast crazies and everything in my head just gets…quiet. I’m pretty sure Jersey Shore literally slows down my brain cells. And I like it.

3. Teen Mom

Why I like it: Ok, here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure I don’t actually like this show. It just happens to be on whenever I randomly flip on the TV during the day (which honestly doesn’t happen that often). So I watch it. And, well, it makes me feel a lot better about my life, no matter what is going on.

Actually, I think that’s the common denominator of the shows I watch and why. They make me feel better about myself. It’s like, sure, I have stress, but at least I didn’t have a baby at 16. At least I don’t weigh 250 pounds. At least I’m not nicknamed Snooki.

So, ok. Maybe this is not my proudest post. But it’s definitely not my most shameful.