We need a party

My friend (and bridesmaid and fellow blogger) Megan is kind of the ultimate planner. After I askew her to be in my wedding, she bought her shoes about two days later, asked permission to put together a wedding day emergency kit, and has volunteered on multiple occasions to be my “personal assistant” in planning when she’s bored at work.

Basically, if you want something done, you go to Megan.

So when I got the idea to have a dress up party for our friends (total disclosure: I wanted to have the party because I had a dress I really wanted to wear) who else would I turn to to help make it happen?

Thus the Classy Cocktail Party was born. We sent out a fancy evite and everything. We’re pretty legit.

The cocktail party also became the catalyst for trying a few new recipes. I made my first bruschetta, which I was actually quite nervous about, but it came out quite good according to the fiance (who, yes, I realize loves me more than anyone…I’ll still take the compliment). I also made mini cheesecakes.

The recipe was super simple. You make the crust out of graham cracker crumbs, butter, and sugar, per usual. Then press a couple tablespoons into muffin liners, bake for five minutes, then fill with your standard cheesecake batter:

{creamcheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla with raspberry compote}

The red stuff is a raspberry compote I made out of sugar and (you guessed it) raspberries. Drop a few dots on the top of each cheesecake, swirl with a toothpick, then bake the whole kit’n’kaboodle for twenty minutes. The fiance also enjoyed these. (I believe the exact words were, “You’re going to be a really good wife.” At this point, we would certainly hope so.)

I don’t want to brag, but the party was a raging success. I was worried about people getting into the semi-formal dress code, but it turns out I’m not the only one who likes to clean up now and then. And everyone looked really nice!

{friends, being classy}

Of course, no matter how good you are at planning, you can never control everything. You may notice the fiance is conspicuously absent from the photos. He ended up coming down with a sinus infection and had to miss the festivities. We were both disappointed, but what can you do? Immune systems are the ultimate party poopers.

Illness aside, we may have to make a tradition out of fancy get-togethers. I mean, after this whole “wedding” thing is over, Megan and I are going to need something to plan.


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  1. Ya, you probably will go into serious “wait don’t I have something to do!?” withdrawal. Or you could have a kid…ha, ha, just kidding,…sort of.

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