Again and again

A big reason why I started this blog is because I like to tell stories. And when I have a good story to tell, I tell it over and over again. Extremely consistently.

What I mean is, once I’ve really honed a story, I tell it with the same jokes, same tone, same voice inflection.

Which can make things awkward.

Because pretty much all of my friends are friends. So if I tell one of them a hilarious anecdote about my adventure on the train, sooner or later they are going to hear the exact same tale told again, just this time to a larger group.

They’ll start to wonder if I’m actually funny or just well practiced. Were they the first or the fifteenth person to hear that joke?

It’s the same with stories I tell on here. Though I try to save my best material for you guys, sometimes I won’t even think to blog something until I’ve told it to someone with a favorable response. Then I’ll have this “oh, that’s a good one” realization and start editing it in my mind for print.

But when I do write out a story I’ve already told, I always imagine the original hearer reading the text version. Do they feel slightly offended that I’ve, essentially, plagiarized myself? Or do they feel honored and slightly superior that they already know how it’s going to end?

If you read my Get to Know Me page, you know that even this story is actually something I’ve told before. But at least you also know it’s something I’m aware of. I don’t even necessarily think it’s a bad thing. Good story telling is a skill that requires practice.

So I’ll keep practicing. Over and over and over.