Food snob

The fiance is kind of a food snob. From the moment we met, he has been telling me that New York pizza and bagels are superior to all others.

Now, make no mistake; I am not challenging that statement. Rather, I’m saying that in the time we’ve spent together, I’ve become sort of a snob too.

But only about the exact same foods.

For example, here’s a conversation we had in our favorite deli the other day:

Me: This is my favorite bagel.

Him: Whole wheat?

Me: No, this bagel. From here. This bagel. Every other bagel sucks in comparison. I don’t know why they even try.

Similarly, I never used to have strong feelings about penne a la vodka. But since I’ve started hanging out with someone who, ahem, feels anything but neutral, I am extremely critical of how restaurants prepare this dish.

Is this one of those “married people start to turn into each other” things? Or just a new awareness of foods I took for granted in the past? Maybe I just didn’t know how good they could be.

Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m ruined for life. You know, in terms of sub-par bagels.