Mum’s the word

It should be a good thing if you’re dating/marrying someone who you tell everyone to.

I mean, relationships are built on trust and honesty and all that jazz, right? So if you’re with someone who you actually want to share every detail of your life with, where’s the bad?

I’ll tell you where. Surprising each other becomes durrrn near impossible.

I’m one of those people who actually loves surprises. The anticipation nearly kills me (I’m a bit curious by nature), but really, that’s part of the fun. I like surprising and being surprised.

Case in point, this weekend my future in-laws and bridal party surprised me with a bridal shower. Even better, they surprised me by getting my mom out here for it. As soon as it sunk in that we were not, in fact, meeting friends for lunch, but instead that it had all been an elaborate ruse to get me to a yacht club for a party, I had an amazing time. (AND I got the mixer!!!)

But as much as I love being surprised, the real test comesĀ  when I have a surprise for someone else. I want to tell them. So. Bad. And when it’s someone I already tell everything (AKA, the fiance), it’s all I can do not to spill the beans five seconds after saying hello.

The fiance is also usually a bad secret-keeper. I was genuinely amazed he pulled off a surprise proposal because, in general, he has to at least tell me he got me something. And if I even imply I might have gotten him something, he is quite persuasive at getting me to give him clues. (Or the present himself. He convinced me to give him an anniversary present a full month early. Though I was already bursting at the seams to tell him anyway, so it wasn’t that hard to convince me.)

But clearly he has proven his ability to keep mum when he needs to. And I have a few surprises in store for him too (namely, a pretty neat wedding present), so I guess I’m getting better.

So I guess secrets can make friends. Or at least really great parties.