I Love Lamp

We bought a lamp yesterday.

I know when I say that, it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But for the future husband and I, that lamp was THE deal.

We literally stood staring at it after we’d put it together, his ark around my shoulders like we were watching our firstborn cross the graduation stage.

“I’m so damn proud of that lamp,” he said softly, surprised that he could feel such strong emotions toward an appliance.

I tell ya what. Marriage is about a hell of a lot more than the wedding. (I’m so wise, right?) But these days, my absolute favorite thing to do is spend a few hours arranging the new apartment with the fiance.

Look at it this way: It took us all of four minutes (and $40) to get our marriage license. The actual ceremony will be about half an hour. But we’re going to spend potentially years staring at that lamp.

We’re putting together a life, not just a living room.

Sorry for getting all mushy. Guess you’ll have to blame the fact that we’re under the two-week mark.

And, you know, that it is a pretty sweet lamp.

In transition

This is probably the most transitional period of my life. Ever.

I mean, I’m getting married, moving, AND starting a new job. In a couple of weeks, my life will be completely different than it was last week. Wacky.

Heck, I didn’t even know what name to put on my work paperwork. And they just made my email address and desk placard with the new name to cut down on confusion. (Though it is kind of fun getting emails to my married name.)

The point is, I guess I’m getting more comfortable with change. But I think I’ll stay put for a while now. Girl can only take so much.

Wedding Takeover

So, hi. Um, I’m not saying I’m freaking out, and I don’t want to freak anyone else out, but I’m getting married in a little over two weeks.

I’ll let that sink in.

I’d like to again reiterate that I am not freaking out about getting married. I mean, it’s still kind of surreal, but I’m totally jazzed. What’s freaking me out is that virtually every second between now and “I do” is scheduled.

Seriously. My friend Susan sent me a word doc with a couple paragraphs that she needed edited, and I realized that I have no idea when the nest time I sit down at a computer will be.

Tonight I have to finish packing my apartment and hopefully get to the gym. Tomorrow my bachelorette weekend begins. Monday we’re getting our marriage license and hopefully finishing moving me and our wedding presents into the new place and then I’m getting my teeth cleaned (and hopefully the gym in there somewhere). Tuesday I have work and then the meeting in the evening. Wednesday I have work and then finish our programs. Thursday I have work and then we have to go buy ties and gifts for the bridal party. Friday I have kickboxing, then a hair appointment, then we have to scope out where we’re taking our pictures for good spots. The next weekend is the fiance’s bachelor party.

Everything after that is kind of a blur. I work Monday through Wednesday. Family and friends start arriving. Wedding weekend.

Thank God you get a honeymoon or no one would go through all of this.

Of course, I’m really very excited. BP weekend is going to rule (my girls have a lot up their sleeves…” no penises” was the only rule).

And setting up the apartment will be fun. And, you know, getting hitched will be kind of cool. 😉

But I’m still pretty glad to only have to do this “planning my wedding” thing once.

New job, new day

Starting a new job is a lot like the first day if school in a new district.

You’ll dress nice, be especially conscious of your hair, pack a lunch in case there’s no one to sit with and you have to hide in the bathroom to eat. You know the drill.

You wonder if they’ll like you. If you’ll make friends like you had at your old school. If your outfit strikes the right balance between professional and yet not quite boring.

On a not-unrelated note, I start the new job today!

I’m excited, but of course a little nervous. This is a break from ever other job I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot if similarities between marketing and magazines, but I’m definitely entering a more corporate life. Things are about to get a little less Running in Heels, a little more The Office.

Not that I’m complaining. Though my last job may have been a bit more glamorous, my new job affords me more structure to my life. And speaking of affords, the new job also enables me to have a slightly more glamorous life outside of work, ifyaknowwaddimean.

But it is a new and not altogether expected change in my life’s direction. The fiance summed it up well the other day:

TF: Most people try to find a career and end up with a part-time job it something; you looked for a part-time job and found a career.

Me: That’s how I roll, baby.

So anyway, wish me well. And please join me in having the time to “She Works Hard for the Money” stuck in your head all day.


Well, what difference a few days make. When we last left you, I was on the brink of self-induced unemployment.

Well, I’m happy to report that I am again with career! I’m working as a marketing associate for a luxury goods company. It will be different, but still use a lot of skills I developed at my last job. I’m excited! (And the fiance is relieved that we again have two sources of income.)

Speaking of the fiance, my wedding is less than three weeks away! IN. SANE.

The bachelorette party is this weekend (I only know a few details; the rest is a surprise. Do more details (and photos, if you’re really nice) next week.

Currently, I’m focusing on getting in shape and packing up my apartment. (It’s a rough life.)

Y’all know how I feel about packing. But at least this time I’m moving into a home-type place with the love of my life and a bunch of brand-new home products. Last night we drew out how we want to arrange everything. I know, we’re adorable.

Well, I think you’re caught up! I’ll try to stay regular with the posts, but no promises until after the wedding. (Sam, I’m talking to you!)

At least you only have to wait three weeks though, right??

So, um…

The title of this post is how the fiance starts every conversation he feels is going to be uncomfortable. As in:

“So, um…I can’t pick you up tonight.”

I’ve noticed myself doing it more lately too. It’s sort of a spring board, and it keeps you from chickening out and not saying anything. It’s a more time-efficient version of “I need to talk to you about something.”

Although, once you figure out that “so, um…” usually means bad, or at least awkward news, it usually freaks you out almost as much as “we need to talk.”

So, um…I need to tell you guys something…

Tomorrow is my last day at my job.

I’ve literally drafted this post in my head upwards of ten times because, while a lot of you already knew this was coming, for a lot of you it probably comes as a shock.

So…yeah. There’s the moving and shaking I promised you.

I don’t really care to discuss the specifics of what brought on my resignation because I really do value the time spent with the company. Suffice to say, it wasn’t working for me anymore, and I decided to make a change.

I’ll miss a lot of things (especially people). It definitely feels like a new chapter is starting. Marriage. New job. New apartment.


Well, here goes!

Um..quick, listen to this.

I don’t have anything to post today. (Again.) (Get off my back, it’s just a slump.) (I’m so sorry, please keep loyally reading!) So I’m sharing this with you.

This is my favorite line:

“I think the worst part of the song is a five-way tie between the lyrics, music, video, Rebecca Black, and her friends.”

He’s not wrong.

***Edit: You have to read this article about it. My favorite part?

“Who the heck is this girl? How did she get a record deal? Why is she sitting at a bus stop, if her friends are picking her up in their car? Why is she so indecisive about whether to sit in the front or back seat? If the girl standing to her right is her friend, then is that girl on her left her frenemy? Did the general public REALLY need to be informed that Thursday comes before Friday, or that Sunday comes after Saturday?”