On differences

Me: Did you send your RSVP?

Sister: can i just put it in my mailbox? or do i have to take it somewhere? i have it in my car all ready to go

Me: I think you might have to put it in a real mailbox if your mail has already come
otherwise, you should be able to put it in your box and put the flag up

Sister: ill try to just run it to the post office today. i dont have anything the rest of the night besides going to see mom

Me: ok thaaaanks

Sister: i know. i know. im sending it

Me: you will understand when you’re waiting for yours

Sister: i dont want toooo

Me: haha deal with it

Sister: i need to send you my save the dates
im late about that already

Me: do you have them?

Sister: yes

Me: Am I the only one you haven’t sent them to?

Sister: they’re cute
i havent sent ANY

Me: good lord

Sister: ive given like two away to people i knew were coming

Me: why isn’t mom hounding you more?

Sister: dont make me stress
i dont know. i gave her one

I don’t know why, that killed me. I’m laughing out loud at work. Does she know you haven’t sent them to other people?

Sister: i need to get envelopes still!

Me: make that your project this weekend
you have to just set small goals every week,
otherwise you get overwhelmed

Sister: yea i have spring break next week too.. i need addresses tho

Me: what are you doing now?

Sister: im going to go to the mail place to drop off the rsvp

Me: haha brat
just make a spreadsheet
you’ll need the addresses multiple times, so it’s better to have them organized. I was bad about that and had to find them over and over again

Sister: how do you get them tho?

Me: it is the biggest pain

Sister: just ask everybody?

Me: basically
mom and dad can send you family ones

Sister: yea

and Jacob’s mom can give you all of his side
I would email her and our parents first

she doesnt have email

then just start going through your list and texting people
ok, call her then
and also, what?
how does she function?

she doesnt have a comp


she lives in story city and works all the time

Me: is she 90?

Sister: hahah

Me: anyway
she can still get you addresses
if she has to write them out, that’s her own fault

she also works at the post office so maybe she can just send them

I love how you reveal information
it’s like you’re screwing with me the whole time
She doesn’t have email..
…or a computer…
..or an address..
…but she works in a post office!
yuk yuk yuk

Sister: lol
this better make your blog

Me: I think it has to

The hunt is over

Remember that time it took me eight years to show you my new apartment?

Well, GET READY, because it’s about to happen again!

We signed on our new place! I’m quite thrilled with the apartment we found. So thrilled, in fact, that I’m extra motivated to get it set up (with our pretty new wedding gifts!), so you might not have to wait quite as long to see it this time.

Or, if you’re really lucky, to get invited over.

Moving in with my soon-to-be husband is exciting, but I can’t help but think of how everyone always says you don’t really know someone until you live with them. I mean, I basically lived with his family every weekend when I lived in Brooklyn, so I don’t think anything will shock me. (Unless he’s just really good about hiding that taxedermy collection…)

But I can see how there would be things (for both of us) that were easy to shrug off when we didn’t live together, but will be a bit more obnoxious when they’re in our faces every day. (Plus, I’m a notorious blanket hog.)

Even so, I think it’s going to be pretty great. Now if I could only get those pictures up…