Something standard

Well, guess it’s back to my regular, every day, not on TV life. Le sigh.

The trip to Ohio was actually a lot of fun. I got to spend some quality time with the fam, stumbled my way through my presentation, and managed not to dishonor my family and employer on Good Morning, Cleveland. Also, had a successful T.J. Maxx shopping trip. How could I have forgotten how much I love that store?

But now we’re back to the standard. Trains, Dunkin, work. At least the wedding is coming up soon, right?

Those who follow the wedding blog already know this, but we’re pretty much done. I have a few little DIY projects, we need to pick our ceremony music and finalize our head count, and I need to get my dress steamed. Oh, and we need to get our license.

And then, you know, get married.

Maybe things aren’t so hum drum after all.