Um..quick, listen to this.

I don’t have anything to post today. (Again.) (Get off my back, it’s just a slump.) (I’m so sorry, please keep loyally reading!) So I’m sharing this with you.

This is my favorite line:

“I think the worst part of the song is a five-way tie between the lyrics, music, video, Rebecca Black, and her friends.”

He’s not wrong.

***Edit: You have to read this article about it. My favorite part?

“Who the heck is this girl? How did she get a record deal? Why is she sitting at a bus stop, if her friends are picking her up in their car? Why is she so indecisive about whether to sit in the front or back seat? If the girl standing to her right is her friend, then is that girl on her left her frenemy? Did the general public REALLY need to be informed that Thursday comes before Friday, or that Sunday comes after Saturday?”