New job, new day

Starting a new job is a lot like the first day if school in a new district.

You’ll dress nice, be especially conscious of your hair, pack a lunch in case there’s no one to sit with and you have to hide in the bathroom to eat. You know the drill.

You wonder if they’ll like you. If you’ll make friends like you had at your old school. If your outfit strikes the right balance between professional and yet not quite boring.

On a not-unrelated note, I start the new job today!

I’m excited, but of course a little nervous. This is a break from ever other job I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot if similarities between marketing and magazines, but I’m definitely entering a more corporate life. Things are about to get a little less Running in Heels, a little more The Office.

Not that I’m complaining. Though my last job may have been a bit more glamorous, my new job affords me more structure to my life. And speaking of affords, the new job also enables me to have a slightly more glamorous life outside of work, ifyaknowwaddimean.

But it is a new and not altogether expected change in my life’s direction. The fiance summed it up well the other day:

TF: Most people try to find a career and end up with a part-time job it something; you looked for a part-time job and found a career.

Me: That’s how I roll, baby.

So anyway, wish me well. And please join me in having the time to “She Works Hard for the Money” stuck in your head all day.